CST April 2017 Newsletter

CST April 2017 Newsletter

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The IT world continues to tick over at its usual pace meaning that the team at CST continue to be busy. Easter coming up soon and that will no doubt herald the start of the real winter weather. Touch wood our weather has been better to date than further north.

Sue and I had a long weekend in Te Anau again, this time with family. Lots of you will remember son Richard. He and his wife and two granddaughters came with us for a great weekend. Grandchildren are great fun!

Easter I am guessing will be at home taking things quietly. It is amazing that as you get older, there seems to be less of a desire to be rushing around madly to all sorts of places. We both like the “boring life”.

These are the “other brand”.

Scam Warning.

Since our last newsletter we have had a rash of scammers doing the rounds of South Otago. It was that bad I went to the Leader suggesting a warning in the Leader. But obviously not a good enough story!

We have had one customer taken for $419.00, another for $260.00, one whose call started at 10.40 pm and finished at 12.30am. To cap that one off, the customer left the “technician” doing some work on her computer and went to bed. The phone then rang at 1.30 to tell her that they had finished whatever they were doing.

We are getting 2 or 3 per day at present. Some have paid money but most have not. These are the scary ones – if they are not asking for money what have they done and what information have they harvested off the computer. As a sweeping generalisation, they seem to have targeted older women and will bluster with threats of viruses and computer damage to scare the user into letting them into the computer.

Please do not take calls from these people. Our advice is simply to hang up if an Indian voice says he is calling from Microsoft or Windows and you have a problem. If you are polite, tell them that you will ring your normal support people to get it sorted. But do NOT let them into your computer.

If you have given out your credit card number, let your bank know too. Another customer had an attempted $1000 purchase at a large national retailer at 5.00am on a cancelled card! I guess they would make a purchase on a stolen card, then sell the articles for whatever on Trade Me or at the pub! Any money they get is clear profit!
Have a read of this article – easy to read and easy to follow. 

Computer Storage

An interesting photo from days gone by. This photo shows a hard drive capable of storing about 2 of today’s photos!

Firewood For Sale

Our local Rotary Club has firewood for sale as a fundraiser. If you want good, solid blue gum firewood give me a call at work – 418 1600. We are selling this for $75 per cubic metre and will deliver it to Balclutha or nearby for a small fee as well. I have just had mine delivered and some will be able to be burnt now, some will be better next winter. This is good firing!

We will not stack your wood like this though!

I trust we will not get this cold though!

More For Sale

Why be like me and put up with a boring old grey mouse. We have a new range of Logitech mice in – look at the nice colours! Brighten up your day with quality Logitech hardware.
Both types are wireless with the two on the right $24.99 each and the one on the left $29.99

We also have a thermal printer for sale on behalf of a customer. This is a Star TSP100 printer which was bought new from CST in August 2012. It is no longer needed because the customer has (unknowingly) updated their EFTPOS machine to a printer as well. It also includes a box of paper rolls. The replacement model today is $699 inc GST but we will sell this for $300 including the box of paper rolls.

Solving WiFi Reception Problems

This article is about a year old but the information in it is still valid. There is a little movie and some text to read – which will not give you headaches.

Amazing Artwork
Once again – blows me away. I wish I had a tiny percentage of this guy’s ability with a paintbrush.

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