CST – June 2017 Newsletter

CST – June 2017 Newsletter

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Where is the year getting to? We are less than 10 days from the shortest day already. Touch wood, the weather has not been that bad either. A couple of frosts but nothing yet to really get upset about. In fact the bad weekend we have had last month, Sue and I had gone to Wanaka and the weather was great.

We have continued to be busy with a steady stream of work coming into the workshop. Fortunately no nasty bugs out there this month and the “Windows” computer fix seeming to die a bit. We have however had one customer who paid over $NZ1000 to have their computer “fixed and protected” for a year. But the frequency seems to be diminishing thank goodness. But please still be vigilant – there are some really nasty individuals out there.

•    Ensure you have a good antivirus installed
•    Ensure it is updating regularly
•    If you are not sure about anything, leave it!
•    Do not open attachments you are not expecting – even from people you   know
•    Use common sense – I realise in today’s world “common sense” is a naughty word!
•    Do not be afraid to call us with any questions. An ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure!

A good little article here. Do not hesitate to contact us for any help.

Late Notice: We have had out first ransomware case – not sure whether it is the one which bought down the UK health system at this stage.


I am trying to keep the CST Facebook page a little more up to date and active. Rather than sending more newsletters, it is easier and quicker to share articles of interest to Facebook.

You will find our page here.  If you like the page, you will be advised when we pop up some news.

Another First For The CST Newsletter

I have not done this before but have attached an Ed Sheeran clip. This is the trendy carpool karaoke but don’t be put off by that. It is about 15 minutes long and is funny and shows another side of the amazingly popular artist. I can see why people enjoy him and his music.

Make Your Facebook Safer

Seeing we have been talking about Facebook and on-line safety, I have found a simple rules to help you make Facebook safer. This is written especially for oldies like me but I am sure all parents might find something they can talk about with their children as well as help themselves.


  1.  Make sure only your friends can see your Facebook
  2. While strangers can see the main elements of your profile (name, picture and cover photo), you can ensure your actual Facebook profile can only be seen by your Facebook friends. Check out this step by step guide to updating Facebook’s privacy settings.
  3. Control who can contact you on Facebook
  4. Keep in mind that sometimes long lost friends could be trying to track you down, but if the thought of strangers reaching out to you makes you worried, here’s how you can control it. Click on the padlock icon on the top-right of your Facebook page and then click “Who can contact me.” The default is “everyone” which allows people you may know but aren’t friends with on Facebook the chance to contact you. You can change it to the option of “Friends of friends” which means the person has to have at least one mutual friend with you before they can get in contact.
  5.  Hide the email address or phone number you signed up on Facebook with
  6. Not only can people search your Facebook name, they can also search the email address or phone number you used to sign up to Facebook. To change this, click on the arrow at the top-right of your Facebook page. A dropdown menu will appear and click “Settings.” Now select “Privacy” from the menu and go to the “Who can look me up?”. There are options for people to look you up via email address, telephone number and search engines (like Google). The default setting is “Everyone” which you can change to “Friend of friends” or just “Friends.”
  7. Set up login alerts
  8. You can set up an alert on Facebook to notify you any time your account is accessed from an unknown computer or device. To do this, click the arrow at the top-right of your Facebook page and click “Settings.” Choose “Security” from the left hand side menu. “Login alerts” is the top option so click “Edit” and choose option to receive notifications.Another Security Tip.

    This tip is aimed at those people still running Windows XP but applies to anyone who is not doing regular Windows updates. As many overseas found out to their cost, installing security updates can be the difference between a working PC and a desk sized paperweight.

    Support for Windows XP died in April 2014 and Vista in April this year. What this means is that Microsoft stopped producing updates for these two versions. So if some unpleasant person decides to attack either of these versions, Microsoft will not be producing patches to stop this happening. This is how the NHS was bought down earlier last month – apparently they use XP on lots of their computers and the ransomware got into the system and then spread because no protection on the computers.

    The moral of the story:
    •    If you still run Windows XP or Vista, do not use it on the internet and certainly not for banking etc.
    •    If you run XP or Vista seriously consider upgrading to a newer machine.
    •    Ensure that your computer does updates regularly.

    Business Level Inkjet Printer Scanner Copiers

    We are selling a few more Canon business level multifunction printers. We run two ourselves – one here in Balclutha and one at out In2Learning in Dunedin. I cannot sell anything I would not use myself! We have found them good – reliable, easy to use and cheap to operate. Obviously you can see ours here in Clutha any time you want.

    Canon Maxify MB2160 Print, Scan Copy and Fax, USB and WiFi        $199.00 inc GST

    Canon Maxify MB 5160 Print Scan Copy and Fax, USB and WiFi and Ethernet $349.00 inc GST

    Cartridge Costs and Yields

    PGI 1600 XLBK    1200p        $47.99
    PGI 1600 XLC    1020p        $33.99
    PGI 1600 XLM    780p        $33.99
    PGI 1600 XLY    935p        $33.99

    5160, 5460
    PGI 2600 XLBK    2500p        $65.99
    PGI 2600 XLC    1755p        $53.99
    PGI 2600 XLM    1295p        $53.99
    PGI 2600 XLY    1520p        $53.99

    Winter Is Upon Us

    But not as badly as Feb 4th 2012 in Russia

Aussie Stuff

We have a few Australian customers. I am sure they will be reminded of home by some of these.


  1. Always offer to bait your date’s hook – especially on the first date.
  2. Be assertive. Let her know you’re interested. “I’ve been wanting to go out with you ever since I read that stuff on the dunny door about two years ago”.


  1. Crying babies should be taken to the lobby and picked up after the movie ends.
  2. Refrain from yelling abuse at characters on the screen. Tests have proven they cannot hear you.


  1.  Livestock is a poor choice for a wedding gift.
  2. Kissing the bride for more than 5 seconds may cause a drop in your popularity.
  3. For the groom at least, hire a tux. A tracksuit with a cumber-bund and a clean football jumper can create a tacky appearance.
  4. Though uncomfortable, say “yes” to socks and shoes for the occasion.


  1.  Dim your headlights for approaching vehicles, even if your gun’s loaded and the roo’s in your sights.
  2. When entering a roundabout, the vehicle with the largest roo bar doesn’t always have right of way.
  3. Never tow another car using panty hose and duct tape.
  4. When sending your wife down the road with a petrol can, it’s impolite to ask her to bring back beer too.

The scary thing is how close to home some of these are. When we visited the Northern Territory a few years back, we pulled into a caravan park for the night and heard a commotion of vehicles in a nearby river. So wandered down to see what was going on and passed under the “Beware of Crocodiles” sign – not unusual in that part of the world. At the river we found a 4 Wheel drive stuck in mid-stream. But no bothers – the locals sent the boy out with the rope to attach so the truck could be pulled out!!

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