CST – May 2017 Newsletter

CST – May 2017 Newsletter

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Winter is well on the way. The good thing however is that we can almost give up mowing lawns. Every cloud has a silver lining. Just another mow to pick up leaves and hopefully all done till August.

Sue and I have a weekend away planned. I presume I am not allowed to say why – suffice it to say that one of us has a birthday coming up and it is not me. It will be really good to get away with Sue, away from the business and the same set of walls. It has been an especially busy time for Sue lately with GST to be done for a number of her tax customers, new tutors at In2Learning in Dunedin and general busyness here.

Our important news is Jackie’s ill health. Many of our customers will be aware that Jackie has been unwell recently. However she is back at work now and hopefully 100% again. We have had Stacey in for some time each day but apologise to customers if you have had to wait for the phone to be answered or wait for the old guy to catch up. It is amazing what Jackie does to cover up for me.

Biology Picture

The Biology teacher in me comes out again. The duck shooting season is well underway but at this stage, these should be safe.

Scam Email

We have the usual scammers doing the rounds though the “Microsoft” callers seem to have moved on – thank goodness. I did however steal this article off Facebook and post it to the Computer Solutions Facebook page.

While you are on the page, those Facebookers might want to “like” the page to keep up with us.

Do You Need AN UPS?

Before you answer the question above, you need to ask yourself “what is an UPS?”
UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply and is a box that stands between the power point in the wall and your computer. It protects your computer from power surges (like lightning strikes) and power drops (when the old light bulbs go dim).

It will also give you a few minutes to shut your computer down properly if the power suddenly goes off. This is when damage is really likely to be caused to the data on your computer – the computer has the power removed but does not have time to go through a shutdown procedure to ensure the safety of the data.

For home users we sell a Digitus brand UPS which retails for $149.00 inc GST

Pictures To Mess With Your Brain

Lots of you will know I get a buzz out of optical illusions. These three pages are quite amazing and worth spending a few minutes looking at.

Printer Problems

We get a steady succession of printer issues to deal with from time to time. Printers are getting more and more like lots of today’s consumer items – use them till they break down and then throw them out. This is unfortunate but true.

Our minimum charge to examine an item and diagnose a problem these days is about half the cost of a new printer. The minimum charge of the repair shops in Dunedin is even greater. So who would get them fixed?

However the home user can do a few things themselves to solve some of the more common printer problems. Have a wee read of this article.
A reminder at this point also that the big printer manufacturers do not like non-genuine ink. If this is used in a warranty repair, it may cause issues with any potential warranty work. Also as a sweeping generalisation, the majority of printers we write off have non genuine ink cartridges.


On to one of my pet “hobbies”. I am determined to do my little bit to leave the world for my grandchildren better than I found it!

The Clutha District Council have developed a relationship with Cargill Enterprises from Dunedin whereby you can drop off e-waste at the Mt Cooee landfill site for recycling. Now you do not even need to go to Dunedin to drop this stuff off. To make things even easier, we are also happy to happy to act as a drop-off point and like the CDC will charge you what it costs us to do the recycling. We make nothing on it at all! We will however undercut the council and recycle old computers for no cost.

A reminder also that inkjet cartridges can be dropped off at New World or here – no cost again. In fact the local genealogical society makes a few dollars from this activity.

I recently took a load of old printers to the recycle centre at Mt Cooee (note I did not say “to the dump”) and was surprised to have the attendant say I was the first person to recycle e-waste in Balclutha. Let’s join a growing trend and clean out at home and recycle all that e-waste in a sustainable manner.

As a side issue, I checked the CDC webpage when writing this and found a really cool little quiz at the bottom of this page to do to test how good you are at recycling. I scored 92 – see if you can beat that!

Winter Is Almost Here

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