CST – September 2017 Newsletter

CST – September 2017 Newsletter

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Excuse the early news – and it will be short this time as well (Whew I hear some say!). However I thought I would let our mailing list in on the news first.

We are in the process of rebranding. We have decided to take the same name as our Dunedin business, which many have had contact with anyway, and call ourselves ProSouth IT Solutions. This will be shortened to ProSouth on the phone and as we talk. I am sure some have noticed the new signboards on the front of the shop and on the street frontage. As well the Camry has been signwritten with the new name.

I am not sure how I will get on with this after answering the phone etc with the old name for so long – 15 years! When I get it wrong, I am sure you will remind me.

We have done this to provide some “economies of scale” – a single web page, closer links with the Dunedin team, better cover when Craig is on leave etc. To the customer, hopefully the change will be seamless. You will still get pens and peppermints when you buy stuff – they just won’t have my name on them and will have the ProSouth name and logo rather than the old name.

The same great service will be provided and the same smiling faces will be in the shop here. As well for the month of September we will be offering a 10% reduction in labour cost AND anyone who buys a new or refurbished laptop or PC will go into the draw for a mystery prize.

A Bit of Blatant Advertising.

Earlier this year we got the opportunity to buy a number of really high spec computers. As luck would have it not long after we had a customer in the shop who wanted to make and edit his own videos for uploading onto YouTube.

Not long after he picked it up, Stu sent me an email that I thought I would share:

If you want to have a look at some good local movies go to Youtube and search on greenwayfilms1 (no spaces anywhere in the search term).

A big thanks to Stu for the comments. We really enjoyed working with you to get the best package to suit you.

New Webpage

Have a look at our new webpage – still a work under construction but on the way! Go to Our Locations at the opening page.

Any ideas or comments would be appreciated. Drop me an email or drop in for a coffee and chat.

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