ProSouth Dunedin – August 2018 Newsletter

ProSouth Dunedin – August 2018 Newsletter


Welcome to our first newsletter from the Dunedin branch, we plan to make this a monthly occurrence. The aim of this newsletter is to keep our customers informed about ProSouth Dunedin. This can include:

  • New events and milestones for the business
  • New products and services
  • Staff announcements
  • General announcements

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We look forward to delivering the latest IT and ProSouth news and keeping in touch! If you have any questions regarding this newsletter – e.g. a product or service mentioned, please don’t hestitate to flick an email to our branch manager, David Scott –

Our first newsletter will be short but contains some really exciting and important news!

We are very pleased to announce that we have made an appointment to fill the senior engineer gap in our staffing. We have been incredibly careful to make the correct appointment, as the role is a critical one to us and our customers.

We have appointed David Gericke to fill the position. As you will be aware, David is a well tried and tested name at ProSouth so we thought we would continue the pattern.

We managed to attract David and his family from Auckland down to the friendly south – great news. A funny story – not sure I should mention this but …. Unbeknownst to us, David and his family came down from Auckland to see Dunedin and see if they liked it, look at houses etc. Fortunately the whole family just fell in love with Dunedin. But the funny thing was, they admitted that they spent the long weekend “looking for traffic.”

David is from South Africa, emigrating here in 2015. Since arriving he has worked as what is called in the industry, the Service Desk, both as a team member and a team leader. This means he deals with the customers to solve issues that they are facing with their systems. As well, he has worked for a business which deals with EFTPOS and other similar processes.

It is easy to see that these are exactly the issues that ProSouth deals with on a day to day basis. We are just so happy to have David join our team and bring his knowledge and experience to us. We welcome David and his family to ProSouth and Dunedin in general and look forward to working with him to bring his contribution to the traditional customer focused ProSouth service and support.
ProSouth VoIP – Phones and more!

ProSouth is the total solution provider for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Put simply, VoIP is the same as your current landline phone(s), the only difference is they run through your internet connection instead of a phone line.

With most of Dunedin going onto Fibre the advantage of moving to VoIP as you are no longer tied down by your old copper line(s). VoIP runs purely over the internet and is the perfect solution when Fibre is your primary internet connection.

VoIP saves money! Lots of money, as you no longer need a copper line and therefore the line rental cost is saved straight away. If you are running an analogue PBX over a copper based exchange, chances are you could be saving even more using our digital based cloud PBX.

ProSouth’s cloud based PBX (phone system) gives you full redundancy. If your PBX is on premises this could put you out of action if damage or a disaster was to impact the unit. With a cloud based PBX we can keep your phones going, even with worst case scenario, using call forwarding.

Having your phones with ProSouth, you get the same level of support as with any of our other products and services. Any support issues, you can call/email our helpdesk and we will be onto the problem without requiring a 30-60 min hold period with some of the other guys!

Take control of your phone system! With a ProSouth VoIP account you have access to your account via our cloud portal –

Let our helpdesk know if you want to know more about our excellent phone solution –
Office 365

Office 365 is a popular cloud based platform containing tools for business, based on Microsoft’s suite of offline products, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. Office 365 also includes exchange based email plans with 50GB of email storage and OneDrive for Business, a popular file storage app.

Because Office 365 is cloud based, it is constantly updated and new apps/features are being added all the time. Some of these new apps you may already have as part of your existing subscription!
This month, I will detail a couple of new 365 apps that have been either useful internally for ProSouth or for our valued customers.
Office 365 – Teams

Microsoft Office 365 Teams is a fully featured collaboration and communication suite for your business team!

Teams works across all platforms, Windows, Android and Apple IOS. You can message team members, voice and video chat, and collaborate on documents.

Teams is now part of all the Office 365 Business plans (essentials and premium included). To learn more please click the image below.
Office 365 – Sharepoint

Sharepoint is enterprise grade file sharing now available with OneDrive enabled Office 365 plans. Sharepoint allows you to share files (documents, pictures, videos etc) within your organisation with permissions set for certain users. For example, you may only want the accounts team to see financial records so you can set a folder group that only the account teams can see.

Sharepoint allows you to have internal intranet sites for different parts of your organisation. Inform and engage your organisation with intranets and sites to tell your story, announce your news, share resources, streamline processes, and engage people.

You can have team sites which allow for collaboration and document sharing. Sharepoint is fully compatible across platforms – Windows, Android and Apple

To find out more about Sharepoint, follow this link or click the image below.
Office 365 SharePoint

Basically, an SSD will make your computer (desktop or laptop) run allot faster! We are happy to offer a special on these great products for this month, so grab a bargin and stop the loading time headaches!

Get reliable storage you can trust with the new Intel® SSD 545s, delivering uncompromising value and performance. With performance noticeably faster than a hard disk drive (HDD), you’ll get quicker boot and faster application load times.

INTEL 545S Series 2.5 SATA3 SSD 256GB  – Normally—$217.39 + GST for August only $148.50 + GST

INTEL 545S Series 2.5 SATA3 SSD 512GB — Normally—$317.39 + GST for August only $257.60 + GST
Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading through our Dunedin branch’s first newsletter!

We would love to hear any feedback or any information you believe we should be including.

Please feel free to email the branch manager, David Scott – – if you have any questions or comments.

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