ProSouth October 2018 Newsletter

ProSouth October 2018 Newsletter

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Sue and I have settled into the new home – the tide mark has mostly disappeared. There is apparently still work to be done here and there but mostly dealt to now.

We are now at the stage of actively downsizing and finding it as difficult as people say it is. Our kids do not even want their own stuff back! We are however starting to make the place feel like home with big garden tidy ups and even to the point of planting fruit trees – a pear tree, a granny smith apple and a fuji apple. So beginning to feel like “our place”. But we can certainly see why people have suggested that moving house is a stressful time.

ProSouth is quiet – as we always are at this time of the year. Farmers do not want to know us with all those calves and lambs about! It has been great to see the weather so good (mostly) for calving and lambing – the grass is shooting away if my lawns are any indicator.

We have had Craig on a week annual leave and he is due again soon to take three days at a course in Christchurch. More of this later in the newsletter.

Digital Savvy

An article I found worth a read. Makes you think.

An Easy Way To Save Money – VoIP

The first question is what is VoIP? The letters stand for Voice Over Internet Protocol and in simple terms VOIP allows the phone to go out through the internet rather than the phone line. The example I use for our customers is that we get our internet from Yrless ( so do not use a phone line for internet – the phone line coming into the shop over the front door is now solely a perch for birds. Put a bit more technically, a VOIP phone works using a digital solution – the old phones are analogue. The digital system allows lots more features for a fraction of the cost.

Have a browse at this page – relatively simple and jargon free.

At home, or work, you can drop the phone connection and just stick to an internet connection. You will hang onto the same number, so family will still call you on the “old number” – it just takes a different route through the system to get to you.

There is one minor drawback – if you lose your internet, you have lost your phone. Having said that, these days internet connections are much more robust so this is usually not a problem.

Here at ProSouth in Clutha we have three phone lines, 5 in Dunedin and I have the home phone connected into the system too. This means that if I call the guys in town, I simply dial the extension for any of the staff and there is no toll call cost. We run EFTPOS through the system. Our only minor issue was the burglar alarm but on the advice of the security people we use, we have changed to a wireless system for that too. Apparently after the Christchurch earthquake, businesses lost burglar alarms because power was lost. Our alarm system will stay live through such an upheaval.

What do you need to go to VOIP? The primary need is a fast internet connection. Good quality ADSL is fine.

At ProSouth, we are partnered with 2Talk to provide a VoIP solution to our home and/or business customers. Have a look at their webpage to give you an idea of costs.

If we can help you or your business save lots of money, please give us a call or 418 1600 and we can chat and answer any questions you might have.

Ten Silly Things Kiwis Say

Sue and I are both paid up members of the grammar and spelling police. We so enjoy finding errors in other people’s work. One thing we have found about this membership is that it transfers to children – our kids are as bad as we are! We all have a favourite pastime of checking each other’s Facebook posts etc for spelling and grammatical errors. How sad is that?

This is not quite the same situation but is still “playing with words”. Only in this case, the words are ones we use every day as Kiwis and do not think about twice. But put yourself in the position of a visitor to NZ and the situation becomes different.

Note – this article was written by Abigail Simpson – no relation.

Refurbished Computers

A reminder that we sell and stand behind refurbished IT gear. This is equipment which has been in a business environment for a period on lease, come to the end of its lease period and is resold on. The gear has come to the end of its lease rather than the end of its life.

All the gear is checked inside and out by the people we buy from. It is graded and priced accordingly. We only resell A grade equipment. Most is about 3 – 4 years old and comes with a 3 month warranty. However I cannot think offhand of a warranty claim against a refurbished item. This gear is that good that both Craig and I use refurbished computers ourselves. What better advertisement than that?

I Cannot Stop Myself Reposting an Old Pic.

On sifting back through stuff I save for potential use in newsletters, I stumbled across this pic. The pic was timestamped 2005 – but time for a review.


We keep referring to the importance of looking after yourself when in the depths of the internet. It is a fearsome world out there for the faint of heart. However there are some things you can do to help yourself.

One of the easy things you can do is to use a good antivirus protection system. We recommend and use NOD32 here at ProSouth. We have tried lots of systems over the years and keep coming back to NOD32 for the following reasons:
•    It works
•    It is very reasonably priced protection
•    It easily transfers to a new computer. Even if you have bought a new PC      elsewhere, transfer your NOD to your new system rather than spending unnecessary money.
•    It does not load your system up and make it run as slow as a wet week.
•    Support is local -the 0800 system speaks fluent English!
•    Renewing is a piece of cake and you do not need to get entangled in the world of failed credit card transactions overseas. We send the bill from Balclutha and you can phone with any issues.

Keeping Yourself Safe On Facebook

Well maybe “safer” rather than “safe”. I don’t think anyone is 100% safe but safer is better. A really easy to read and follow article.

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