ProSouth Dunedin – November/December Newsletter

ProSouth Dunedin – November/December Newsletter

Not long now until the Christmas break; it is hard to believe that another year is almost over

At this stage these are our Christmas hours:
Finish noon Friday 21st December
Some staff back from January 7th 
All staff back from January 14th
But don’t forget we are always contactable for any emergency calls. 470 1321 One of our experts will be on the other end of the phone 24/7.
Take a Break!
Recently we had a staff activity playing Frisbee Golf at Chingford Park in North East Valley. We highly recommend this as a fun event. No skill needed, and if you have your own frisbees its 100% free, otherwise you can hire them for only $20 from The Valley Project. Be prepared to have a good laugh. In the light of recent weather, check ground conditions first.
Save Money before Christmas
Keeping up with changes in technology is never-ending. One change that is a no-brainer is the move to VoIP phone lines, which replace your traditional landlines. The big reason to change is massive cost savings. If we haven’t already moved you over, read the VoIP flyer and contact us to book in for new phones before Christmas.
Stay alert
Recently customers have been receiving emails from friends and acquaintances claiming to be in a tight spot and asking for money. If it is not someone you know well, it is easy to spot it as a scam. If it is someone you know, don’t email them back. Ring them and tell them that they have been hacked.  They may like to email their contacts telling them to ignore the begging email.
If you ever pay money then think it may be a scam, ring your bank straight away.
MYOB Update

MYOB have announced that in September 2019 they are removing support for version 19. Customers who are still using this version will still be able to use it for many years, but upgrades of software and hardware could cause problems. Recently we upgraded a customer who was still happily using MYOB 10. MYOB said it was too old to upgrade. Luckily we did it by upgrading through several versions, but it would have been safer to stay up to date.

Sue is our MYOB expert. She has been using MYOB since 1994. Book in a time to upgrade to the latest version and she will take you through the process. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the features that save you time and money.  Contact
A gift idea
We have been selling a lot of ex-lease laptops. These can be much cheaper than the new equivalent. Currently we have the Dell Ultrabook E7440 available for $675 inc GST.
4th Gen i5, 14” screen, 320 GB hard drive, 8GB RAM, very slim so no DVD. These cost about one-third the price of a new one of similar specs.
These won’t last long at this price. Claim yours now!
The team wish you all a blessed Christmas and a restful break before the return to work in 2019.
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