December 2018 Newsletter

December 2018 Newsletter

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Not a lot of news this month – just a short newsletter to wish all our customers the best for the Christmas season. This is also a “good news” newsletter – see the item below about “Microsoft” scammers.

What an amazing spell of weather we have had – I certainly do not remember such a long, hot spell for ages. Is it not amazing that we very quickly forget about the floods of a couple of weeks ago with the arrival of some good weather? I hope all our farming customers are getting over the wet period and that life is returning close to something normal. Sue and I will be heading away sometime before Christmas to family in Christchurch. Not sure of a return date or even a return method. But I want to put tech screws in the roof on half the house so that will require some time. No doubt we will also find more money to spend at the hardware store. Will also be good to have some grandchildren time if that suits their parents and they are round….

ProSouth Holiday Hours

A reminder we intend to close for a well-earned Christmas break at midday on December 21st. Sue and I will re-open on about January 9th. We will be operating short hours for the first week but will be in to check phone messages regularly. For phone support Phone 0800prosouth throughout the entire holiday period, I have a team in Dunedin on deck that week who will be able to help – and I may be able to do some simple things as well 😊 – if we are lucky. We will also be available for sales like printers and keyboards etc.

Craig will be back on deck on January 14th.

A Laptop Worth Considering

Sorry for the double up with November but this is a nice laptop at a competitive price and we have already sold several to some happy customers.

We have these at a good price already – $675.00 inc GST – but if a customer calls or pops in and mentions that they have seen this advertised on the newsletter before Christmas, we will take $25.00 off the price. What could be better than that?

Another Bit Of Good Time Christmas News

An interesting article popped up on the font of all knowledge recently (Facebook). It was about a Police sweep in India closing down 26 scam centres in India. One of the interesting things I see in the article was the estimated return annually to these scammers of NZ$2.1 billion. While I realise this will not make the targets feel much better, it will at least let them realise they are not on their own!

The other thing I immediately thought was that shutting down 26 centres in India, which has a population of 1.36 billion, will have so little effect as to make NO difference. We all still need to be careful out there.

Almost Last Pic For The Year
This time not one I have stolen from the interweb. Sue took this at our old house – fungi on the trunk of an old silver birch tree we cut down. Amazing colours.

Other Ideas For Gifts

Everybody needs a good antivirus today – very cheap, no hassle protection from $75.00
Colourful mice from $25.00
Bluetooth headphones – really cool and so easy to use. $80.00
A serious backup device – do not leave it till it is too late to back up important stuff. If it is important and lost, we can probably get it back – but the cost is very high. Do not take chances.
A multitude of USB devices from car phone chargers to keyboards to photo card readers – the list goes on.

One Last Pic.

I found it amusing anyway!

And Finally

May all our customers have a pleasant and safe Christmas and New Year. We look forward to catching up sometime in 2019.

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