February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter

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Well – all back at work bright eyed and bushy tailed with the first month of 2019 well and truly gone. I hope you all had a good relaxing break.

The weather lately has been great – most unlike South Otago to be in the 30’s for such a consistent period of time. It did make sleeping a bit difficult but at least we can all say we have had a good summer.

Sue and I had Christmas in Christchurch with Sue’s family. We stayed with Sue’s sister at Ohoka not far out of Christchurch. She is a keen gardener and it was so great when we arrived there on Christmas Eve to say to her that we would have a wander round her garden. Her comment was – the gumboots are by the door – help yourself. They were way wetter than us and the gumboots were needed to navigate her vege garden. One up for South Otago!

Staying in Christchurch certainly makes us appreciate Balclutha and South Otago. Too often we just do not know how fortunate we are not to have to live with 400 000 others.

However the highlight of our break was the arrival home for Christmas of our eldest daughter Paula from India while she went through the visa renewal process. Paula lives in a gated community in Bangalore, India. Bangalore has a population of 12 million or thereabouts and her community is about 4000 – the same size as Balclutha! With all due respect, who wants that after the space and fresh air we have locally.

I suspect Paula finds lots of things in Bangalore more attractive than air and traffic but once again, not for me I suspect.

Speed Up Your Old PC

We see lots of computers in the shop which are going so slowly as to be almost unusable… Solutions can include:

  1. A cleanout of all the rubbish which accumulates
  2. Add more RAM (= memory)
  3. Add an SSD (= Solid State Drive)

The third option has become the go to upgrade to breathe new life into computers for less than half the cost of a new computer.

Your traditional hard drive is a series of metallic platters inside a case which spin like an old record player – but lots faster – up to 7200 rpm. The data is stored on these drives magnetically. This technology dates back to the 1950’s!

The hard drive is a mechanical device – with moving parts. As such it is vulnerable to damage and age.

Then along came the SSD which works similarly to the card in your camera – no moving parts. As a result it is soooooo much quicker to access data etc. Starting your computer can take as little as 15 seconds. They should be more reliable and less likely to suffer damage by shock and vibration. As a result, they make really good upgrades for laptops.

A simple upgrade of your hard drive to an SSD can give a whole new life to your PC or laptop. I addition, we can mount the old drive in a caddy and it can become a portable hard drive for you to use as a backup device.

Give us a call to enquire about costs rather than simply throwing out the old machine!

The Intel SSD DC S4600 and DC S4500 Series are targeted at HDD replacement in the data center. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

The Longest Password.

We frequently hear about using a long password to protect your information. Try this!

Newsletter Sign Vandalised

Probably shows my age.

Refurbished Computers

We sell a lot of refurbished computers, but some people still have an incorrect idea of what the term “refurbished” means. These are not the same as buying a computer off Trade Me or from the neighbor over the fence. These are all ex lease systems that have been used in businesses but reached the end of their lease life cycle – usually somewhere between3 and 5 years. We do get the odd newer one – recently we had one which was only 6 months old – still had 30 months of a three-year warranty to run!

As business level computers, these initially come with higher level components than home user level (in farmer speak, like buying a Stihl or Husqvarna chainsaw rather than Kamikuza brand from the Warehouse). They are purchased in bulk and every machine is thoroughly tested with parts replaced if necessary – much higher level than a screen wipe and dust removal.

To indicate the faith we have in these systems, both Craig and I run refurbished PCs here at ProSouth and I have 2 others coming up off a lease in Dunedin that we will use in our office here in Balclutha.

We sell all our refurbished systems with a three month warranty and are more than happy to stand behind them.

This can be one simple way we can all “go green” – simply by reusing instead of buying new.

A New Refurb Here At ProSouth

We have a slightly different refurbished computer in stock at present. Seems a shame to waste two newsletter articles and not get a plug in for a sale.

This is a Lenovo (back in the day, these were IBM computers) and we have put a new SSD into it. As a result, it goes really quickly.

Lenovo Thinkcentre M92p                             $599.00 inc GST

  • Intel Core i5 3470 processor
  • Small form factor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 240 GB SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • Windows 10 Pro

To buy this new today would start at $1300 inc GST depending on spec level….

Optical Illusion

These usually rattle my chain well – this one is no exception. There are a couple of wee movies at the bottom of the page. Be sure to check them out.

One Last Vandalised Sign

Just so we don’t get too complacent with the good weather.

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