COVID-19 has changed the way we work for several different industries. ProSouth IT Solutions, for example, now has all our staff primarily based working at home. This has become commonplace and essential for those businesses needing to continue to operate but required to do so in isolation. We have several solutions enabling working from home and away from one another, easier than it has ever been before.



Teams is an app by Microsoft (part of the Office 365 suite) that allows you to chat to your colleagues via messenging, voice and video chat. Teams can be setup on iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. Teams can also be used for web meetings to easily keep in touch with your clients via video chat.

ProSouth VoIP

ProSouth VoIP is a cloud-based PBX video system that requires only an internet connection to work. Office phones can be taken home and used with one step needed, just plug the phone into your router at home and go! If you don't have your office phone, calls can still be forwarded to any mobile or landline phone, making our system very flexible and capable for working from home.

ProSouth Internet

One of the key requirements for working from home is a fast, stable, internet connection. Almost all your communication and collaboration tools run via the internet so it is crucial that your connection is up for this. ProSouth can supply internet in a range of different ways, even where there are no physical lines available. If your connection is not working the way you want we can almost always provide a better solution.


OneDrive & SharePoint

When used together SharePoint & OneDrive are a complete cloud-based file storage solution for your business. OneDrive stores all of "your" files, so your, My Documents, Photos, Desktop and Videos. SharePoint stores all your company's files and you choose which staff have access to what files, e.g. you may only want the Accounting staff to access the finance folder. Both sync everything for you so whether you need to be on your computer at work or your computer or laptop at home, everything is always at your fingertips.


Remote IT Support

IT problems happen anywhere, including at home. ProSouth IT Solutions has the latest software to enable us to help with technical problems via the internet without having to be onsite.

Home Workspaces


The best computing tool for working at home is a commercial spec. laptop. A "pro-grade" laptop comes preloaded with the software you need for work and is designed to work as hard as you do. Our laptops have the plugs needed to run multiple screens and other devices such as printers or scanners. Laptops can be sent via courier.


Printing is as important when working from home as it is at work. However, you may not need a large high-end unit where the printer is just being used at home. We have a range of printer available which can be supplied via courier, along with the toners/cartridges when needed.

NOTE - Hardware can only be supplied either to support essential services or to ensure businesses and their workers are able to work from home.


Here's a few examples of our Teams working from home spaces. :)