ProSouth offers commercial grade internet systems that are more reliable and faster for todays connected businesses.

All ProSouth internet plans are compatible with ProSouth VoIP.

ProSouth Unlimited Fibre

All Fibre plans have unlimited bandwidth. Available at speeds

  • 30/10 Mbps UFB Fibre
  • 100/100 Mbps UFB Fibre
  • 950/500 Mbps UFB Fibre

ProSouth Unlimited VDSL/ADSL

For areas not able to connect to Fibre. VDSL/ADSL runs through the older copper network and has reduced speeds in comparison to Fibre. We can recommend what speeds you are likely to get prior to connection installation. All VDSL/ADSL connections have unlimited data caps.

ProSouth Business WiFi

For remote areas or areas requiring more speed than what is available with VDSL/ADSL. Business WiFi requires a dish to be installed on the outside of your building. The internet is beamed to you wirelessly via a remote tower. Your building must have line-of-site of the nearest tower. We will can advise if this option is suitable for you. Business WiFi does not have unlimited data but we can tailor a plan to suit requirements.

ProSouth Residential UFB

We can supply lower-cost residential-grade internet, supported by your local ProSouth team. We are able to supply any of the business internet systems as a residential option. We can get you online whereever you are based!