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A backup is a copy of data stored in a separate location. A backup can be used in the case of data loss to restore corrupted or lost data back to its original form.

Data loss can occur for several reasons, a few example are;

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods that can severely damage equipment
  • Malicious cyber attacks such ransomware that can lock you out of your own files until a ransom is paid for a decryption key
  • Equipment failure where your server or workstation has failed due to age or condition
  • User error where an employee has accidentally moved or deleted files
  • Software failure where a patch or update causes system instability

Our backup solutions are tailored to each individual customer requirements.

A network attached storage or NAS drives are devices that are attached to your network and can then talk to each one of the workstations on the network. This allows an automated backup to occur and the NAS acts as a vault storing all the required information from each device on the network. We can set up a USB hard drive that can be plugged into the NAS and taken offsite at the end of the day to keep the data at a separate location. We can manage this backup system remotely to ensure functional backups are occurring or we can set up alerts to be sent to management if errors do occur. The advantages of this system include minimal recurring costs and data being stored locally.

Cloud backups are being automatically backed up off-site for peace of mind. ProSouth partner with several different cloud backup service providers and offers a range of solutions. We provide off-site cloud backups that are hosted within New Zealand and also off-shore. For cloud backups to work efficiently we recommend that you have fibre or at least a VDSL internet connection. We tailor the cloud-based backup solution to each customer’s requirements. Advantages of a cloud backup include low upfront cost and we manage the system to ensure reliable and successful backup.

Enquiries regarding backup solutions can be sent directly to our backup team Р