February 2019 Newsletter

ProSouth News Well – all back at work bright eyed and bushy tailed with the first month of 2019 well and truly gone. I hope you all had a good relaxing break. The weather lately has been great – most unlike South Otago to be in the 30’s for such a consistent period of time. [...]

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December 2018 Newsletter

ProSouth NewsNot a lot of news this month – just a short newsletter to wish all our customers the best for the Christmas season. This is also a “good news” newsletter – see the item below about “Microsoft” scammers.What an amazing spell of weather we have had – I certainly do not remember such a [...]

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CST Newsletter – Feburary 2017

CST News What a long time since I wrote a newsletter – seems we have been so busy that I just have not had time to put pen to paper (do we do that today?). However, hopefully things are all on an even keel again now and life will march on. It seems ridiculous to [...]

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October 2016 Newsletter

CST News I hope some of you noticed that I have missed three newsletters. Does that not sound big headed? Who would miss junk mail? However, Sue and I have had a month off and done the OE. We headed away just as the August newsletter was due and I never got round to writing [...]

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Family help please

Website Design Competition Please excuse the emergency newsletter. I will get around to publishing a genuine one as soon as possible. But a family crisis has popped up (as they do) and one of my youngsters needs a help. Some of you will know and/or remember my youngest son Ian. He has asked for a [...]

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July 2016 Newsletter

CST News Winter seems to have arrived with a few serious frosts latterly but nothing the genuine southern folks can’t put up with. It has certainly not been too bad yet. The big CST news is that Brad is back on the CST team. Lots of you will remember Brad from previous stays with us [...]

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June 2016 Newsletter

CST News Winter is here! At last we have a winter feeling as I write this. I look out the window (after turning the heat pump up a degree or two) and see a clear blue sky with frost still on the car windscreen and in the CST carpark. But no complaints! We get to [...]

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May 2016 Newsletter

CST News Well the big CST news is that Sue and I have become grandparents again. Recently Ian (whom some of you will remember) and his wife Naomi gave us another charming little granddaughter – Zara Jean. I cannot get over how little they stay in hospital these days but I guess that shows my [...]

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April 2016 Newsletter

April Newsletter April on us already! Less than nine months until Christmas. Sue and I had a great weekend away in Te Anau from Easter Saturday. To make it even better one of our granddaughters and son Richie and his amazing wife Anna were with us. What a great weekend with no pressure, lots of [...]

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March 2016 Newsletter

CST News A very quiet month so far for the computer business but Sue has been really busy with In2Learning and Cellfield. ProSouth in Dunedin continues to be busy though so all is well. Sue and I are planning on having the Otago Anniversary weekend off with family in Te Anau. No doubt lots of [...]

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