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Office 365 is the premium cloud based solution for business. Office 365 wraps your emails, Office software, cloud file storage via onedrive and Skype into one easy monthly payment. You can also pick and choose what services you require so that it matches exactly what is needed for your business. With Office 365 email you can choose what your email domain is so you can get rid of that or address and get a address that your customers will love.

Skykick is a migration assistant used to move your emails from your old system to Office 365. With Skykick we can move your contacts, messages and calendars to Office 365 in the background, directly from your old system. Your old email system can contain historical information on transactions, clients and contacts so it important everything is migrated over. Skykick gets the data migrated 100% everytime and with minimal downtime to your email system. With our technicians and Skykick we organise migrations that are stress free and all your data is exactly where you left it.

G Suite, a business email and app solution by Google. Is a similar offering to Office 365, you can have an email address, cloud based apps and Google drive online file storage. G Suite does not have the option to bundle the Microsoft Apps such as Word and Outlook. However, you can use Google version of these apps via your web browser and with a Chrome extension, even use the apps offline. Google Suite may be more suited to your current operation in some situations. You can also link G Suite to an external domain so you can have a email address.

G Suite for education is the cost effective cloud based package for schools. It is much cheaper than the standard G Suite package and has some education specific applications as part of the suite. In allot of cases G Suite Education components are free, so talk to us if your school is looking to move to the cloud.

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