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VoIP phones or Voice over Internet Protocol phones are phones that connect via the internet. In many cases, VoIP is far more cost effective than your standard analogue line. It is far easier to implement more advanced features with VoIP phone system such as a dial tone menus, extensions, hunt groups and conference calls.

Prosouth has partnered with 2Talk to offer a cost effective cloud hosted PBX solution that requires very little upfront cost to implement. Basically, you just need to purchase the phones that Prosouth can supply and then sign on to a monthly plan. As all the advanced stuff is hosted on the cloud, you just let us worry about the rest.

Prosouth also offers a high end VoIP phone solution call “Cloud Factory”. This service is also cloud based but represents a higher grade solution in a slightly more feature rich platform.

In the case of a new VoIP system implementation we always tailor the product the specific requirements of your business.

To start an enquiry regard VoIP phone systems, contact the phone team direct –